△ Change Log △

The Big Update: Part I (Maps)
July 30, 2019.
→ Pushed The Abyss Further South — Descending now has grave consequences!
→ Added a realm with movement called The Cemetery.
→ Added the Blue (Action) and Red (Cancel) buttons.
→ Added object interactions.
→ Added a new Achievement.
→ Added a Rollerskate for Plant.
The Small Update
July 21, 2019.
→ Improved Sunset in The Abyss.
→ Improved Rain in The Abyss.
→ Added health warning for photosensitive viewers.
Swiss Cheese Update
June 6, 2019. (The Prophecy Update)
→ Added a realm called The Hole
→ Added the Calendar
→ New item: Swiss Cheese
Ballerina Update
May 29, 2019
→ New Hair Color: Light Pink
→ New Hairstyles: Buns, Braids
→ New Clothing Option: Tutu
→ Better Color Selector in Avatar Builder
Friends Update
May 14, 2019
»» Added Friends List.
»» Added Status Selector.

Next Day Additions:

»» Added “Active on Input” option to allow keyboard, mouse, or touch-screen activity to prevent status from becoming idle.
»» Added Hide Offline Friends option to Friends List.
Visitor Mode Update
May 1-6, 2019
→ Revised “About” Page.
→ Added Visitor Mode to Briar Patch.
→ It is now possible to haunt the Briar Patch from The Abyss.
→ Backpack items can show a clickable info icon.
»» The original Potion is now the Black Potion.
»» New items: 0365, Blue Potion, Egg Carton.
»» Made Wefrigerator visible to visitors.
Spring Holiday Update
April 19-20, 2019
→ New items: carrot, yellow carrot, eggs, egg-dyeing stations, red+blue energy drink.
→ New avatar option: Cowboy Hat.
→ Adjustments to how Backpack lists items involved in a pending trade.
→ Minor changes to look and feel (settings, heart meter, etc.)
Area Spells Update
April 14-18, 2019
→ Implemented a particle subsystem in realms with movement.
→ Introduced area effect spells.
→ Implemented 🌀❔❔❔🌀 verbal spellcasting technique, as described by P.C.T.G.
→ Added spell impact indicator 🌀 to realms without movement.
→ Added energy meter to bottom bar.

Minor Changes:

→ New avatar options: Nurse hat and Headband, and three new facial hair choices.
→ Revised look of body type choice in Avatar Builder.
→ New top bar icon variant for Pending Trade.
→ Added server-synchronized PST clock to bottom bar.
Proximity Chat Update
April 12, 2019
→ Added guide arrows to realms.
→ Option to Thank 💕 others for chat messages.
→ Added 2 new Achievements and an indicator to mark which Achievements are new.
→ Added Proximity Chat into realms.
→ Menu icon glows red when new chat messages arrive.
→ Minor change to the sarcophagus.
→ Introduction of Change Log.
Achievements Update
March 19-27, 2019
→ Added Achievements/Quests interface.
→ Added new Alerts for completed Achievements.
→ Retroactively converted several past accomplishments into Achievements.
→ Added Ghost Drift to The Abyss.
→ New avatar option: Grey Skin.
→ Issued warning about Zombies.
→ Implemented 32 Achievements, most of which are granted automatically upon meeting the necessary criteria.

After giving people a chance to tediously clear all of their alerts one-by-one:

→ Added options to Mark All alerts as Read, and to Dismiss all Read alerts.

Realm rendering changes:

→ Added option to select graphics rendering quality in Settings.
→ Implemented Oblique Projection.
→ Added an object layer for things such as chests.
Prayer Time Update
February 2019
→ New avatar option: Black & white sclera contacts.
→ Added Prayer 🙏 option in The Abyss and The Briar Patch.
Trading Update
January 2019
→ Added Give/Trade interface.
→ Added Personal Pop Panels.
→ New items: Taco, M.E. Drink, Chip, Antimatter, Angst Potion, Pizza, Turducken
→ Added Alerts interface.
→ Improved support for Firefox, Safari, and mobile.
→ Added Very Official Recommended Viewing player.
→ Improved Mobile Navigation by adding footer menu vertical toggle.
Winter Holiday Update
December 22-28, 2018
→ Introduced Item 8888 and Item 7434.
→ Added seasonal snowflakes in The Abyss.
→ Added A Clearing.
→ New avatar option: Facial hair.
→ Added Proximity Presence in realms with movement.
Freezing Seeds Update
December 2018
→ Implemented Ghosts and corrected entry & exit criteria for The Abyss.
→ AFK indicator 💤 in realms with movement.
→ New avatar options: Earmuffs/headphones, pompom hat, long-sleeved shirt.
→ New item: Gift (2 styles.)
→ Added The Briar Patch.
Update 3.33
November 2018
→ New avatar options: Pink Suit, Black Pink Suit, new Hair Styles.
→ Adjusted scaling and coordinate system of realms with movement for better mobile support.
→ Bound Choronzon.
→ Added Wefrigerator as a response to fan art.
→ Added Backpack.
Spooky Update
October 28, 2018
→ Seasonal avatar options: Pumpkin Head, Sheet Ghost.
→ New avatar options: Bunny Ears, Cat Ears.
Initial Release
October 7-11, 2018
→ Added Voluntary Admission Form.
→ Added Avatar Builder.
→ Added Personal Report.
→ Added Settings.
→ Added Log out.
→ Added a realm with movement called The Abyss.
→ Added Umbrella to The Abyss.
→ The Big Update! (░░░░ & ░░░░░░)
→ The Blessed Update
→ The Lid Update
→ The Party Update
░░░░░░░ ░░░ (7th moon, 2020)

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